The Glaros Taverna

is where we always have dinner on our first and last night in Plakias. This well established tradition has been going on ever since we discovered Glaros, which has remained a firm favourite ever since.

I keep this window on the site as a piece of history. Sadly, at the end of the 2001 season, things changed. For 2002, Nicos took his smile to the Sophia Taverna (in the middle of the group near the harbour), and Stavros moved to Damnoni. Good luck guys, and thanks for the memories!

This is Nikos – with the smile that never fades. He’s the genius behind the Glaros taverna – which serves the best Moussaka in town. Walk west, as far as you can through the village, and as the road curves around to the right you’ll find Glaros at the top of the little hill.

Niko will greet you, and always find time for a chat – including a description of the specials of the day (always a good option). I can well remember the mixed fish grill I had there last year. I don't think I have ever tasted anything so fresh - but he didn't warn me it was enough for a small army!

Nikos - the Boss!
In 1999, Nikos introduced me to some of the Greek beers which are taking on Amstel – and winning. He serves Golden and Mythos. They are both worth a try - Mythos is my preferred choice - although when I mentioned this recently on the Interkriti chat site it caused a lot of controversy. It appears everyone has their own favourite! Go on - try them all! (I have!)
Stavros, the chef

Stavros the chef is the genius in the kitchen. He works away every night - and then sits down and plans the specials for the following day.

Here you can see a typical evening at Glaros - and a lot of the customers are regulars and locals - which says a lot when there are so many other places to eat in town!

Busy as usual tonight
WARNING: The perfect host, Niko always insists on having an after dinner drink with his guests. He keeps a bottle of Raki in the freezer, and shares a toast with EVERY table, every night. I sometimes wonder how he stands up at the end of the evening. (There is always something sweeter available for the ladies.)