The Donut Man

I think this guy is becoming a bit of an icon!

Lefteris Spanakakis turns up on the beach every day with a tray of the freshest, tastiest donuts ever.

Chocolate, vanilla, apricot, strawberry or plain, with a dusting of cinnamon sugar. And only 500 drax.

His patter alone was worth a lot more than that.

His mobile no: 0944 104 843 - dial a donut?

A donut a day keeps the doctor away!

The doughnut man was full of his usual quips again this year. (A doughnut a day keeps Viagra away!!) They have got to be the best doughnuts I've ever tasted, especially the apricot.

- Tina Mercer

Agreed, apricot are the best, but you've got to have a shower of 'extra vitamin'. One day I went back for seconds and had it on the house

- David Cannon

Thanks to David Cannon, another Plakias regular, for passing on Lefteris' name. In all the years I'd eaten his donuts, I've never asked him!

David also took the photos I've used here